Peter E. Kloeden, Russell A. Johnson
Nonautonomous attractors of skew-product flows with digitized driving systems
submitted to   Electronic Journal of Differential equations  (2001)
Keywords: pullback attractor, skew-product flow, digitization
update  (internal id: 03/01)

Guido Schneider, Hannes Uecker
Existence and stability of modulating pulse solutions in Maxwell's equations describing nonlinear optics
submitted to   ZAMP  (2001)
Keywords: nonlinear optics
update  (internal id: 02/01)

Guido Schneider, Hannes Uecker
Nonlinear coupled mode dynamics in hyperbolic and parabolic periodically structured spatially extended systems
submitted to   Asymptotic Analysis  (2001)
Keywords: nonlinear optics, pattern formation
update  (internal id: 01/01)

Peter E. Kloeden, Boris N. Sadovsky, and Inna E. Vasilyeva
Quasi-flows and equations with nonlinear differentials
accepted by   Nonlinear Analysis TMA  (2001)
Keywords: quasi-flows, equations with nonlinear differentials
update  (internal id: 41/00)

L. Esteva, K.P. Hadeler
Maximal Prevalence and the Basic Reproduction Number in Simple Epidemics
submitted to   Math. Approaches for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases  (2000)
update  (internal id: 40/00)

Peter E. Kloeden, Alex M. Rubinov
Attracting sets for increasing co-radiant and topical operators
submitted to   Mathematische Nachrichten  (2000)
Keywords: attracting sets, increasing co-radiant operators, topical operators
update  (internal id: 39/00)

Spatial and dynamical chaos generated by reaction-diffusion sytems in unbounded domains
submitted to   Nonlinearity  (2000)
update  (internal id: 38/00)

Peter Kloeden, Viktor Kozyakin
The perturbation of attractors of skew-product flows with a shadowing driving system
submitted to   Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems  (2000)
Keywords: skew product flow, attractors, perturbations, shadowing
update  (internal id: 37/00)

Peter E. Kloeden and Viktor S. Kozyakin
Uniform nonautonomous attractors under discretization
submitted to   Continuous and Discrete Dynamical Systems  (2001)
Keywords: skew-product flow, nonautonomous attractors, 1-step numerical scheme
update  (internal id: 36/00)

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Pattern formation in Rayleigh-Benard convection in a cylindrical container
to appear in   Phys. Rev. E  (2000)
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Tracer dynamics in a flow of driven vortices
published in   Phys. Rev. E 59, 1605-1614  (1999)
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Heteroclinic behavior in Rotating-Benard convection
published in   Eur. Phys. J 13, 765-775  (2000)
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The Attractors of Reaction-Diffusion Systems in Unbounded Domains and their Spatial Complexity
submitted to   Journal Nonlinearity  (2000)
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Dynamic Optimization and Skiba Sets in Economic Examples
submitted to   Optimal Control Applications and Methods  (2000)
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Single parameter dissipativity and attractors in discrete time asynchronous systems
to appear in   J. Difference Eqns. and Applns.  (2001)
Keywords: nonautonomous difference equations, asynchronous systems, pullback attractor
update  (internal id: 30/00)

A.V. Ivanov
Study of the double mathematical pendulum - IV. Quantitative bounds on values of the system parameters when the homoclinic transversal intersections exist
submitted to   Regular and Chaotic Dynamics  (2000)
update  (internal id: 29/00)

A. L. Afendikov, Th. J. Bridges
Instability of the Hocking-Stewartson Pulse and its Implications for the Three-Dimensional Poiseuille Flow
submitted to   Proceedings of the Royal Society of London  (2000)
update  (internal id: 28/00)

David N. Cheban, Peter E. Kloeden and Björn Schmalfuß
The Relationship between Pullback, Forwards and Global Attractors of Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems
submitted to   Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory  (2000)
Keywords: Nonautonomous dynamical system, skew-product flow, pullback attractor, forwards attractor, global attractor
update  (internal id: 27/00)

M.A. Efendiev and S.V. Zelik
Attractors of the Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Rapidly Oscillating Coefficients and Their Homogenization
submitted to   Mathematische Nachrichten  (2000)
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Th. Pampel
Numerical Approximation of Connecting Orbits with Asymptotic Rate
submitted to   Numerische Mathematik  (2000)
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S. Zelik
The Attractor for a Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion System with a Supercritical Nonlinearity and its Dimension
submitted to   J. Rendiconti, Italy  (2000)
update  (internal id: 24/00)

Peter E. Kloeden
A Lyapunov function for pullback attractors of nonautonomous differential equations
published in   Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, Conference 05, 91--102  (2000)
Keywords: pullback attractor, skew-product flow, Lyapunov function
update  (internal id: 23/00)

L. M. Lerman
Isoenergetical Structure of Integrable Hamiltonian Systems in an Extended Neighborhood of a Simple Singular Point: Three Degrees of Freedom
submitted to   AMS  (2000)
update  (internal id: 22/00)

Matthias Büger
Planar and screw-shaped solutions for a system of two reaction-diffusion equations on the circle
submitted to   Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems  (2000)
Keywords: reaction-diffusion systems circle
update  (internal id: 21/00)

E. Hairer, Ch. Lubich
Long-time energy conservation of numerical methods for oscillatory differential equations
to appear in   SIAM J. Numer. Anal.  (2001)
update  (internal id: 20/00)

Cheng-Hung Chang, Dieter H. Mayer
Transfer operators and period functions for subgroups of PSL(2,Z)
published in   Proceedings of MaPhySto, Aarhus University  (2000)
Keywords: Eichler's automorphic intergrals period polynomial cusp forms transfer operator Lewis functional equation
update  (internal id: 19/00)

Cheng-Hung Chang, Dieter H. Mayer
Eigenfunctions of the transfer operators and the period functions for modular groups
accepted by   Contemporary mathematics  (2000)
Keywords: transfer operator, period polynomials, period functions, Maass wave forms, Lewis equation, congruent subgroups, new and old forms
update  (internal id: 18/00)

Matthias Bueger
The evolution of fast reaction: A reaction-diffusion model
submitted to   Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications  (2000)
Keywords: reaction-diffusion evolution sensitivity
update  (internal id: 17/00)

Hannes Uecker
Stable modulating multi-pulse solutions for dissipative systems with resonant spatially periodic forcing
submitted to   J.Nonlinear Science  (2000)
Keywords: center manifold reduction, Floquet theory
update  (internal id: 16/00)

Lars Grüne and Peter Kloeden
Higher order numerical schemes for affinely controlled nonlinear systems
to appear in   Numerische Mathematik  (2001)
Keywords: Affine control systems, Taylor expansion, Taylor schemes, multiple control integrals
update  (internal id: 15/00)

Peter E. Kloeden and Viktor S. Kozyakin
The inflation of nonautonomous systems and their pullback attractors
published in   Izvestiya Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Series MMMIU. Vol. 4, No. 1-2, pages 144-169  (2000)
Keywords: nonautonomous system, differential inclusion, pullback attractor
update  (internal id: 14/00)

V. Afraimovitch, J.Schmeling, J. Ugalde, E. Urias
Spectra of Dimensions for Poincar Recurrences
submitted to   DCDS  (2000)
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On Hybrid Methods for Bifurcation Studies for General Operator Equations
submitted to   DANSE-Buch  (2000)
update  (internal id: 12/00)

On Numerical Bifurcation Studies for General Operator Equations
submitted to   Equadiff proceedings  (2000)
update  (internal id: 11/00)

V. Reitmann
Dimension Estimates and the Spanning Surface Principle on Manifolds
submitted to   Z. Anal. Anwend.  (2000)
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Attractors of Volterra integro-Differential Equations
submitted to   SIAM J. Math. Analysis  (2000)
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T. Okon
Embedding Strategies for Flow-Invariant Compacta on Manifolds
submitted to   Arch. Math.  (2000)
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Comparison of the Lorenz System and Differential Equation of Induction Motors
submitted to   Technische Mechnik  (2000)
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Localisation of the Li'enard Attractor
submitted to   SIAM J. Numer. Analysis  (2000)
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Dimensional Theoretical Properties of Affine Dynamical Systems
submitted to   Acta Math. Hung  (2000)
update  (internal id: 05/00)

S.A. Ljashko
Estimates of the Liapunov Dimension of the Lorenz Attractor
submitted to   Nonlinearity  (2000)
update  (internal id: 04/00)

Estimates of the Box-Counting Dimension of Map-Invariant Sets on Riemannian Manifolds
submitted to   Nonlinearity  (2000)
update  (internal id: 03/00)

G.A. Leonov
Dimensions of the Hnon Attractor.
submitted to   Appl. Math. Mech.  (2000)
update  (internal id: 02/00)

K. Matthies
Exponentially Small Splitting of Homoclinic Orbits of Parabolic Equations Under Periodic Forcing
submitted to   JDDE  (2000)
update  (internal id: 01/00)

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Upper and Lower Bounds for the Kolmogorov Entropy of the Attractor for an RDE in an Unbounded Domain
submitted to   JDDE  (1999)
update  (internal id: 42/99)

Lars Gruene
Persistence of attractors for one-step discretizations of ordinary differential equations
submitted to   IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis  (1999)
update  (internal id: 41/99)

B. Sandstede, A. Scheel
From Unbounded to Bounded Domains: The Fate of Point and Essential Spectrum
submitted to   Physica D  (1999)
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B. Sandstede, A. Scheel
On the Structure of Spectra of Modulated Travelling Waves
submitted to   Math. Nachrichten  (1999)
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Singularly Perturbed Elliptic Problems in Case of Exchange of Stabilities
submitted to   JDE  (1999)
update  (internal id: 38/99)

K. Matthies
Backward Error Analysis of a Full Discretisation Scheme for a Class of Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
submitted to   IMA J. of Numerical Analysis  (1999)
update  (internal id: 37/99)

K.P.Hadeler, E.N. Selivanova
On the Case of Kovalevskaya and New Examples of Integrable Conservative Systems on S^2
submitted to   Regular and Chaotic Dynamics  (1999)
update  (internal id: 36/99)

J. Neunhäuserer
Properties of Some Overlapping Self-Similar and Some Self-Affine Measures
accepted by   Acta Mathematica Hungarica 1999  (1999)
Keywords: self-similar, self-affine, Haudorff dimension, box-counting dimension
update  (internal id: 35/99)

S. V. Zelik
The Attractor for Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion System in the Unbounded Domain and Kolmogorovs e-Entropy
submitted to   Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis  (1999)
update  (internal id: 34/99)

K. Matthies
Time-Averaging under Fast Periodic Forcing of Parabolic Partial Differential Equations: Exponential Estimates
submitted to   JDE  (1999)
update  (internal id: 33/99)

J. Haerterich
Viscous Profiles for Traveling Waves of Scalar Balance Laws: The Canard Case
submitted to   J. Math Analysis & Applications  (1999)
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On the Isolated Spectrum of the Perron-Frobenius Operator
submitted to   Nonlinearity  (1999)
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A Continuation Framework for Invariant Subspaces and its Application to Traveling Waves
published in   Scientific Computing in Chemical Engineering II, vol. 1  (1999)
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Chaotic eigenfunctions in momentum space
published in   J. Phys. A 32: 4795-4815  (1999)
Keywords: quantum chaos eigenfunctions scars
update  (internal id: 29/99)

A. Bäcker and G. Haag
Spectral statistics for quantized skew translations on the torus
to appear in   J. Phys. A.  (1999)
Keywords: spectral statistics level spacing distribution
update  (internal id: 28/99)

R. Aurich, A. Bäcker, R. Schubert and M. Taglieber
Maximum norms of chaotic quantum eigenstates and random waves
published in   Physica D 129: 1-14  (1999)
Keywords: quantum chaos, random superposition of functions
update  (internal id: 27/99)

Peter Kloeden and Lars Grüne
Pathwise approximation of random ordinary differential equations
accepted by   BIT  (1999)
Keywords: random ODE, averaging, higher order schemes
update  (internal id: 26/99)

Peter Kloeden and Stephen Shott
Linear-implicit strong schemes for Ito-Galerkin approximations of stochastic PDEs
published in   Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis, 14: 47--53  (2001)
Keywords: linear-implicit, strong scheme, stochastic PDE
update  (internal id: 25/99)

F. Camilli, L. Grüne, F. Wirth
A Generalization of Zubov's method to perturbed systems
submitted to   SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization  (1999)
Keywords: Robust Stability, Robust domain of Attraction, Zubov's method
update  (internal id: 24/99)

Matthias Büger
Reaction-diffusion systems with 1-homogeneous non-linearity
submitted to   J.D.E.  (1999)
Keywords: reaction-difusion equations, oscillation numbers
update  (internal id: 23/99)

Peter Kloeden and Viktor Kozyakin
The inflation of attractors and their discretization: the autonomous case
published in   Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods, Applications 40, 333--343  (2000)
Keywords: attractors, inflation, discretization
update  (internal id: 22/99)

Lars Grüne
Convergence Rates of Perturbed Attracting Sets with Vanishing Perturbation
submitted to   Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications  (1999)
Keywords: attracting sets, perturbations, rate of convergence, numerical approximation
update  (internal id: 21/99)

Alexander Mielke
The Ginzburg-Landau equation in its role as a modulation equation
submitted to   Handbook of Dynamical Systems III, Towards Applications.  (1999)
update  (internal id: 20/99)

W.-J. Beyn, J. Lorenz
Stability of Traveling Waves: Dichotomies and Eigenvalue Conditions on Finite Intervals
published in   Numer. Funct. Analysis Opt., vol. 20, no. 3-4, p. 201--244  (1999)
update  (internal id: 19/99)

Jinqiao Duan, Peter Kloeden
Dissipative Quasigeostrophic motion and almost periodic forcing
published in   J. Math. Analysis Applns., Vol. 236, pages 74-85  (1999)
Keywords: Dissipative Quasigeostrophic equations, almost periodic solutions, pullback attractor
update  (internal id: 18/99)

G. Bocharov, K.P.Hadeler
Structured Population Models, Conservation Laws, and Delay Equations
submitted to   J. Differential Equations  (1999)
update  (internal id: 17/99)

J. Müller, M. Kretzschmar, K. Dietz
Contact Tracing in Stochastic and Deterministic Epidemic Models
submitted to   Mathematical Biosciences  (1999)
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N. Berglund, K. R. Schneider
Control of Dynamic Bifurcations
submitted to   Lect. Notes Contr. Inform. Sciences  (1999)
update  (internal id: 15/99)

M. Kunze, H. Spohn
Adiabatic limit for the Abraham-Lorentz equation
submitted to   Ann. Inst. H. Poincar'e, Phys. Th'eor.  (1999)
update  (internal id: 14/99)

M. Kunze
Periodic solutions of a singular Lagrangian system related to dispersion-managed fiber communication systems
submitted to   Nonlinearity  (1999)
update  (internal id: 13/99)

Matthias Bueger
Convergence to periodic solutions in autonomous reaction-diffusion systems in one space dimension
accepted by   J. Diff. Eq.  (2000)
Keywords: reaction-diffusion system, periodic solutions, Poincare-Bendixson theorem for R-D-systems
update  (internal id: 12/99)

Matthias Bueger
On the existence of stationary and periodic solutions for a class of autonomous reaction-diffusion systems
accepted by   Advances in Differential Equations  (1999)
Keywords: reaction-diffusion system, periodic solutions
update  (internal id: 11/99)

Th. Hillen, Ch. Rohde
Existence of Weak Solutions for a Hyperbolic Chemotaxis Model
submitted to   Math. Analysis Appl.  (1999)
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B. Sandstede, A. Scheel
On the stability of periodic travelling waves with large spartial period
submitted to   J. Reine und Angewandte Mathematik  (1999)
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Time weighted entropies
submitted to   Coll. Math.  (1999)
update  (internal id: 8/99)

M. Belhaq, B. Fiedler, F. Lakrad
Homoclinic connections in strongly self-excited nonlinear oscillators: the Melnikov function and the elliptic Lindstedt-Poincar'e method
submitted to   Nonlinear Dynamics  (1999)
update  (internal id: 7/99)

Entropy Preservation under Markov Coding
submitted to   Random and Comp. Dyn. Syst.  (1999)
update  (internal id: 6/99)

J. Schmeling, S. Troubetzkoy
Entropy Regular Sets
submitted to   Proc. LMS  (1999)
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C. Wulff, J. S. W. Lamb, I. Melbourne
Bifurcation from relative periodic solutions
submitted to   Trans. AMS  (1999)
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J. Schmeling, E. Szabo, R. Winkler
Hartman and Beatty Bisequences
submitted to   Proceedings zur Konferenz über algebraische Zahlentheorie und Diophantische Approximation Ende August/Anfang September 1998 in Graz  (1999)
update  (internal id: 3/99)

M. Kunze
On Lyapunov Exponents for Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems with an Application to a Pendulum with Dry Friction
to appear in   J. Dynamics Differential Equations  (1999)
update  (internal id: 2/99)

M. Kunze, H. Spohn
Radiation Reaction and Center Manifolds
submitted to   SIAM J. Math. Anal.  (1999)
update  (internal id: 1/99)

A. Komech, M. Kunze, H. Spohn
Effective Dynamics for a Mechanical Particle Coupled to a Wave Field
to appear in   Comm. Math. Phys.  (1998)
update  (internal id: 65/98)

A. Franz
Hausdorff Dimension Estimates for Non-Injective Maps Using the Cardinality of the Preimage Sets
submitted to   Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications  (1998)
update  (internal id: 64/98)

C. Alscher, W.-J. Beyn
Simulating the Motion of the Leech: A Biomechanical Application of DAEs
published in   Numerical Algorithms, Proceedings of the DAE'97 in Grenoble, vol. 19, no. 1-4, p. 1--12  (1998)
update  (internal id: 63/98)

J. Müller, B. Schönfisch, M. Kirkilionis
Ring Vaccination
submitted to   J. Math. Biology  (1998)
update  (internal id: 62/98)

J. Müller, K.P. Hadeler
Monotonicity of the Number of Transitions in Linear Chains and the Basic Reproduction Number in Epidemic Models
submitted to   Zeitschrift für Analysis und ihre Anwendungen  (1998)
update  (internal id: 61/98)

M. Haragus-Courcelle, F. Dias
On the Transition from Two-Dimensional to Three-Dimensional Water Waves
submitted to   Stud. Appl. Math.  (1998)
update  (internal id: 60/98)

Wolfram Heineken, Volker Reitmann
Fractal dimension estimates for flow-invariant sets on manifolds
submitted to   Zeitschrift für Analysis und ihre Anwendungen  (1998)
update  (internal id: 59/98)

A. Afendikov, A. Mielke
Multi-Pulse Solutions to the Navier-Stokes Problem Between Parallel Plates
submitted to   ZAMP (Zeits. Angewandte Math. Physik)  (1998)
update  (internal id: 58/98)

F. Guyard, R. Lauterbach
Forced symmetry breaking: Theory and Applications
submitted to   Proceedings, Workshop IMA, Minneapolis  (1998)
update  (internal id: 57/98)

B. Sandstede, A. Scheel
Spectral Stability of Modulated Travelling Waves Bifurcating near Essential Instabilities.
submitted to   Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinb.  (1998)
update  (internal id: 56/98)

F. Colonius, W. Kliemann
Topological, Smooth, and Control Techniques for Perturbed Systems
to appear in   Stochastic Dynamics, H. Crauel, M. Gundlach, eds., Springer Verlag  (1998)
update  (internal id: 55/98)

Ch. Schütte, A. Fischer, W. Huisinga, P. Deuflhard
A Hybrid Monte Carlo Method for Essential Molecular Dynamics.
submitted to   Journal of Computational Physics, Special Issue on Computational Biophysics  (1998)
update  (internal id: 54/98)

A.J. Homburg, B. Krauskopf
Resonant Homoclinic Flip Bifurcations.
submitted to   J. of Dynamics and Diff. Eq.  (1998)
update  (internal id: 53/98)

P. Deuflhard, W. Huisinga, A. Fischer, Ch. Schütte
Identificaion of Almost Invariant Aggregates in Reversible Nearly Uncoupled Markov Chains
submitted to   Journal of Computational Physics, Special Issue on Computational Biophysics  (1998)
update  (internal id: 52/98)

D. Cheban, B. Schmalfuss, P.E. Kloeden
Pullback attractors in dissipative nonautonomous differential equations under discretization
published in   J. Dynamics and Differential Equations, 13: 185-213  (2001)
Keywords: attractor, discreization, nonautonomous
update  (internal id: 51/98)

J.Schmeling, S. Troubetzkoy
Scaling Properties of Hyperbolic Measures.
submitted to   ETDS  (1998)
update  (internal id: 50/98)

K.P.Hadeler, R.Illner, P. van den Driessche
A Disease Transport Model
submitted to   SIAM J. Applied Mathematics  (1998)
update  (internal id: 49/98)

G. Keller, C. Liverani
Stability of the Spectrum for Transfer Operators
submitted to   Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa  (1998)
update  (internal id: 48/98)

B. Fiedler, R.-M. Mantel
Crossover Collisions of Scroll Wave Filaments
preprint    (1999)
update  (internal id: 47/98)

E. Behrends, J.Schmeling
Strongly Mixing Sequences of Measure Preserving Transformations
submitted to   Studia Math  (1998)
update  (internal id: 46/98)

N. Koksch
On the Existence of Nonlocal Integral Manifolds of Ordinary Differential Equations
submitted to   Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods, and Application  (1998)
update  (internal id: 45/98)

A.J. Homburg
Singular Heteroclinic Cycles
submitted to   J. Diff. Eq.  (1998)
update  (internal id: 44/98)

M. Kunze, T. Küpper, Y. Li
On Conley Index Theory for Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems
to appear in   Differential Integral Equations  (1998)
update  (internal id: 43/98)

Bernold Fiedler, Stefan Liebscher, James C. Alexander
Generic Hopf bifurcation from lines of equilibria without parameters: III. Binary Oscillations
submitted to   International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos  (1998)
update  (internal id: 42/98)

Bernold Fiedler, Stefan Liebscher
Generic Hopf bifurcation from lines of equilibria without parameters: II. Systems of viscous hyperbolic conservation laws
submitted to   SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis  (1998)
update  (internal id: 41/98)

Bernold Fiedler, Stefan Liebscher, James C. Alexander
Generic Hopf bifurcation from lines of equilibria without parameters: I. Theory
submitted to   Journal of Differential Equations  (1998)
update  (internal id: 40/98)

G. Schneider
Aspects of modulational dynamics - Diffusive versus pulse behavior -
submitted to   Proceedings STAMM 98  (1998)
Keywords: bifurcations stability essential spectrum
update  (internal id: 39/98)

H. Uecker
Diffusive stability of rolls in two-dimensional real and complex Swift-Hohenberg equation
submitted to   Comm. Part. Diff. Equ.  (1998)
Keywords: stability pattern formation
update  (internal id: 38/98)

A. Mielke, G.Schneider, A. Ziegra
Comparison of inertial manifolds and application to modulated systems
submitted to   Mathematische Nachrichten  (1998)
Keywords: inertial manifold effective simulation pattern formation
update  (internal id: 37/98)

Christoph Bandt
The geometry of a parameter space of interacting particle systems
submitted to   Journal of Statistical Physics  (1998)
Keywords: interacting particle system, duality, thinning, Mandelbrot set
update  (internal id: 36/98)

G.J. Lord, D. Peterhof, B. Sandstede, A. Scheel
Numerical Computation Waves on Infinite Cylinders.
submitted to   Siam J. Numerical Analysis  (1998)
update  (internal id: 35/98)

A. Veeser
Fehlerabschätzungen für ein Verfahren zur Berechnung von zweidimensionalen Dendriten
submitted to   Dissertation, Math. Fakultät Freiburg  (1998)
Keywords: finite elements, error estimates, dendrites, Stefan problem, surface tension, kinetic undercooling
update  (internal id: 34/98)

K. Böhmer, Dr. Mei, A. Schwarzer, R. Sebastian
Path-Following of Large Bifurcation Problems.
submitted to   Proceedings of the IMA Workshop on "Large-Scale Dynamical Systems", Minnesota  (1998)
update  (internal id: 33/98)

K. Böhmer, N. Sassmannshausen
Numerical Liapunov-Schmidt Spectral Methods for k-Determined Problems.
submitted to   Special Issue CMAME, "Computational Methods and Bifurcation Theory with Applications"  (1998)
update  (internal id: 32/98)

G. A. Leonov, K. Gelfert, V. Reitmann
Hausdorff Dimension Estimates by Use of a Tubular Caratheodory Structure.
submitted to   Mathematische Nachrichten  (1998)
update  (internal id: 31/98)

G. Dziuk
Discrete Anisotropic Curve Shortening Flow.
submitted to   SIAM J. Numer. Analysis  (1998)
Keywords: curve shortening flow, motion by anisotropic curvature, finite element approximation, convergence
update  (internal id: 30/98)

P. Chossat, F. Guyard, R. Lauterbach
Generalized Heteroclinic Cycles in Spherically Invariant Systems and Their Perturbations.
accepted by   J. Nonl. Science  (1998)
Keywords: Equivariant systems, Benard problem, recurrence
update  (internal id: 29/98)

K. Deckelnick, G. Dziuk
Discrete Anisotropic Curvature Flow of Graphs.
submitted to   M2AN  (1998)
Keywords: motion by anisotropic curvature, finite element approximation, convergence
update  (internal id: 28/98)

M. Goldstern, J. Schmeling, R. Winkler
Metric, Fractal Dimensional and Baire Results on the Distribution of Subsequences.
submitted to   Mathematische Nachrichten  (1998)
update  (internal id: 27/98)

M. Kunze, T. Küpper, V.K. Mezentsev, E.G. Shapiro, S. Turitsyn
Nonlinear solitary waves with Gaussian tails
to appear in   Physica D  (1998)
Keywords: nonlinear Schrödinger equation, quadratic potential, solitons
update  (internal id: 26/98)

J. Neunhäuserer
A New Class of Counterexamples to the Variational Principle for Hausdorff Dimension.
submitted to   Random and computational dynamics  (1998)
update  (internal id: 25/98)

C. Bandt, K.P. Hadeler, F. Kriese
Particle systems acting on undirected graphs
accepted by   J. Statist. Phys.  (1998)
Keywords: cellular automata, duality, parameter space, voter model
update  (internal id: 24/98)

Bandt, Christoph
Self-similarity and probability I. Parameters describing the geometry of Cantor sets
accepted by   Bull. London Math. Soc.  (1998)
Keywords: tangentail measures, density, porosity, fractal
update  (internal id: 23/98)

Joachim Becker, Martin Rumpf
Visualization of time-dependent velocity fields by Texture Transport
accepted by   Proceedings of Euro Graphics 98  (1998)
update  (internal id: 22/98)

J. Härterich
Heteroclinic Orbits Between Rotating Waves in Hyperbolic Balance Laws.
submitted to   Proc. Royal Soc. Edinb.  (1998)
update  (internal id: 21/98)

J. Schmeling, S. Troubetzkoy
Interval Translation Mappings.
submitted to   Mathematische Zeitschriften  (1998)
update  (internal id: 20/98)

Philip Aston, Michael Dellnitz
The Computation of Lyapunov Exponents Via Spatial Integration With Application to Blowout Bifurcations.
submitted to   Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering  (1998)
update  (internal id: 19/98)

A. Schmidt
Approximation of Crystalline Dendrite Growth in Two Space Dimensions.
submitted to   Acta Math. Univ. Comenianae  (1998)
update  (internal id: 18/98)

M. Efendiev, A. Miranville
Finite Dimensional Attractors for Reaction-Diffusion Equations in Rn with a Strong Nonlinearity
submitted to   J. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems  (1998)
update  (internal id: 17/98)

G. Schneider
Ginzburg-Landau Description of the Taylor-Couette Attractor
submitted to   J. Integral and Differential equations  (1998)
update  (internal id: 16/98)

G. Schneider
Nonlinear Stability of Taylor Vortices in Infinite Cylinders
submitted to   Arch. Rat. Mech. Analysis  (1998)
update  (internal id: 15/98)

G. Schneider, J. Müller
Bifurcation Analysis of a Spatially Extended Random Walk System in Mathematical Biology
submitted to   SIAM J. Appl. Math.  (1998)
update  (internal id: 14/98)

G. Schneider
Global Existence Results for Pattern Forming Processes in Infinite Cylinders
submitted to   Math. Pure et Appl.  (1998)
update  (internal id: 13/98)

B. Sandstede, A. Scheel
Essential Instability of Pulses and Bifurcations to Modulated Travelling Waves
submitted to   Proc. Royal Soc. Edinburgh  (1998)
update  (internal id: 12/98)

A. R. Champneys, J. Härterich
Cascades of Homoclinic Orbits to a Saddle-Centre for Reversible and Perturbed Hamiltonian Systems.
submitted to   Nonlinearity  (1998)
update  (internal id: 11/98)

M. Stiefenhofer
Unfolding Singularly Perturbed Bogdanov Points
submitted to   SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis  (1998)
update  (internal id: 10/98)

V.G. Gelfreich
A Proof of the Exponentially Small Transversality of the Separatrices for the Standard Map.
submitted to   *** missing ***  (1998)
update  (internal id: 09/98)

T. Gallay, A. Mielke
Diffusive Mixing of Stable States in the Ginzburg-Landau Equation
submitted to   Communications of Mathematical Physic  (1998)
update  (internal id: 08/98)

Ale Jan Homburg
Inclination Flips in the Unfolding of a Singular Heteroclinic Cycle
submitted to   IMA Proceedings  (1998)
update  (internal id: 07/98)

M. Blank, G. Keller
Random Perturbations of Chaotic Dynamical Systems: Stability of the Spectrum.
submitted to   Nonlinearity  (1998)
update  (internal id: 06/98)

A. Schwarzer
A new class of polynomial preconditioners for large sparse eigenvalue problems.
submitted to   SIAM J. Numer. Analysis  (1998)
update  (internal id: 05/98)

A. Schwarzer
Adaptive scaling of solution branches of one parameter bifurcationproblems.
submitted to   Math. of Comp. (K. Böhmer)  (1998)
update  (internal id: 04/98)

V.V. Chepyzhov, M.A. Efendiev
Hausdorff dimension estimation for attractors of nonautonomous dynamical systems in unbounded domains: An example
submitted to   Comm. Pure & Appl. Math.  (1998)
update  (internal id: 03/98)

M. Rumberger
Finitely differentiable invariants
submitted to   Mathematische Zeitschrift  (1998)
update  (internal id: 02/98)

A. Afendikov, A. Mielke
Bifurcation of homoclinic orbits to a saddle-focus inreversible systems with SO(2)-symmetry
submitted to   JDE  (1998)
update  (internal id: 01/98)

B. Fiedler, A. Scheel, M.I. Vishik
Large patterns of elliptic systems in infinite cylinders.
submitted to   J. de Mathmatique Pures et Appliques  (1997)
update  (internal id: 51/97)

V. Reitmann, U. Schnabel
Hausdorff dimension estimates for invariant sets ofpiecewise smooth maps
submitted to   ZAMM  (1997)
update  (internal id: 50/97)

A. Franz
Lower Hausdorff dimension estimates for k-1-endomorphisms
submitted to   Mathematische Nachrichten  (1997)
update  (internal id: 49/97)

B. Sandstede, A.Scheel, C. Wulff
Bifurcations and dynamics of spiral waves.
submitted to   3rd Nonlinear Science  (1997)
update  (internal id: 48/97)

A. Bäcker, R. Schubert, P. Stifter
Rate of quantum ergodicity in Euclidean billiards
published in   Physical Review E 57 (1998) 5425-5447  (1998)
Keywords: quantum ergodicity matrix elements billiards
update  (internal id: 47/97)

H. Alt, A. Bäcker, C. Dembowski, H.-D. Gräf, R. Hofferbert, H. Rehfeld and A. Richter
Mode fluctuation distribution for spectra of superconducting microwave billiards
published in   Physical Review E 58 (1998) 1737-1742  (1998)
update  (internal id: 46/97)

A.J. Homburg, H. Kokubu, V. Naudot
Homoclinic-doubling cascades.
submitted to   Annals of Mathematics  (1997)
update  (internal id: 45/97)

J.L.M. van Dorsselaer, Ch. Lubich
Inertial manifolds of parabolic differential equations under higher-order discretizations.
submitted to   IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis  (1997)
update  (internal id: 44/97)

M.A. Efendiev, B. Fiedler
Stable upscaling to exothermic reactor with several educts.
submitted to   SIAM Journal of Mathematics  (1997)
update  (internal id: 43/97)

Deuflhard, M. Dellnitz, O. Junge, Ch. Schtte
Computation of Essential Molecular Dynamics by Subdivision Techniques.
submitted to   Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering  (1997)
update  (internal id: 42/97)

M.A. Efendiev, A. Scheel
Upper and lower bounds for the Hausdorff dimension of the attractor for reaction-diffusion equations in Rn.
submitted to   J. Nonlinearity  (1997)
update  (internal id: 41/97)

Nikolai N. Nefedov, Klaus R. Schneider
Immediate exchange of stabilities in singularly perturbed systems.
submitted to   Journal of Differential and Integral Equations  (1997)
update  (internal id: 40/97)

Cheng-Hung Chang, Dieter H. Mayer
The period function of the nonholomorphic Eisenstein series for PSL(2,Z).
published in   Math. Phys. Elec. J. 4(6)  (1998)
Keywords: Period polynomials and functions, Lewis transformation, Eisenstein series, transfer operator
update  (internal id: 39/97)

Astrid Franz
Hausdorff dimension estimates for invariant sets with an equivariant tangent bundle splitting.
submitted to   Nonlinearity  (1997)
update  (internal id: 38/97)

Mariana Haragus-Courcelle, Andrej Il'ichev
Three Dimensional Solitary Waves in the Presence of Additional Surface Effects.
submitted to   Europ. J. Mech. B/Fluids  (1997)
update  (internal id: 37/97)

D. Peterhof, B. Sandstede
All-optical clock recovery using multi-section distributed-feedback lasers.
update  (internal id: 36/97)

A. Mielke, P. Holmes, J.N. Kutz
Global existence and uniqueness for an optical fiber laser model.
update  (internal id: 35/97)

M. Kunze
Instability of the Periodic Motion of a Particle Interacting with a Scalar Wave Field.
published in   Comm. Math. Phys. 195, 509-523  (1998)
update  (internal id: 34/97)

A. Scheel
Bifurcation to spiral waves in reaction-diffusion systems.
update  (internal id: 33/97)

G. A. Leonov, A. Noack, V. Reitmann
Orbital Stability Conditions for Vector Fields by Estimating the Characteristic Exponents.
update  (internal id: 32/97)

J. Härterich
Equilibrium solutions of viscous scalar balance laws with a convex flux
submitted to   NoDEA  (1997)
update  (internal id: 31/97)

K. Matthies
A subshift of finite type in the Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation with D_3 symmetry
submitted to   Nonlinearity  (1997)
update  (internal id: 30/97)

T. Kapitula, B. Sandstede
Stability of bright solitary-wave solutions to perturbed nonlinear Schroedinger equations
to appear in   Physica D.  (1997)
update  (internal id: 29/97)

K. Böhmer, C. Geiger, J.D. Rodriguez
On a Numerical Liapunov-Schmidt Spectral Method Part II: The Reduction Method and its Application
submitted to   Math. of Computation  (1997)
update  (internal id: 28/97)

J. Härterich
Attractors of viscous balance laws: Uniform estimates for the dimension
submitted to   J. Diff. Eq.  (1997)
update  (internal id: 27/97)

A. Bäcker, R. Schubert, P. Stifter
On the number of bouncing ball modes in billiards
published in   J. Phys. A. 30, 6783-6795  (1997)
Keywords: eigenfunctions Laplacian billiard quantum ergodicity
update  (internal id: 26/97)

A. Bäcker, N. Chernov
Generating partitions for two-dimensional hyperbolic maps
published in   Nonlinearity 11, 79-87  (1998)
Keywords: coding partition symbolic dynamics billiard
update  (internal id: 25/97)

R. Aurich, A. Bäcker, F. Steiner
Mode Fluctuations as Fingerprints of Chaotic and Non-Chaotic Systems
published in   Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 11, 805-849  (1997)
Keywords: eigenvalue statistics quantum chaos
update  (internal id: 24/97)

A. Bäcker, H.R. Dullin
Symbolic Dynamics and Periodic Orbits for the Cardioid Billiard
published in   J. Phys. A. 30, 1991-2020  (1997)
Keywords: pruning coding partition entropy
update  (internal id: 23/97)

L. Grüne, M. Metscher, M. Ohlberger
On Numerical Algorithm and Interactive Visualization for Optimal Control Problems
published in   Computing and Visualization in Science 1, No. 4, 221-229  (1999)
update  (internal id: 22/97)

A. Scheel
Subcritical bifurcation to infinitely many rotating waves
update  (internal id: 21/97)

M. Haragus-Courcelle, G. Schneider
Bifurcating fronts for the Taylor-Couette problem in infinite cylinders
update  (internal id: 20/97)

J. Müller, Th. Hillen
Modulation Equations and Parabolic Limits of Reaction Random Walk Systems
update  (internal id: 19/97)

Stefan Grünvogel
The Lyapunov Spectrum of Blockdiagonal Semilinear Control Systems
to appear in   Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations  (1997)
update  (internal id: 18/97)

Lars Grüne
On the relation between discounted and average time optimal controlproblems
published in   Journal of Differential Equations 148, 65-99  (1998)
update  (internal id: 17/97)

Lars Grüne
A uniform exponential spectrum for linear flows on vector bundles
to appear in   Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations  (2000)
update  (internal id: 16/97)

W.-J. Beyn, M. Stiefenhofer
A direct approach to homoclinic orbits in the fast dynamics of singularly perturbed systems
published in   Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations 11, 671-704  (1999)
update  (internal id: 15/97)

B. Fiedler, D. Turaev
Normal forms, resonances, and meandering tip motions near relative equilibria of Euclidean group actions
published in   Arch. Rat. Mech. Analysis  (1997)
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J. Schmeling, S. Troubetzkoy
Pointwise dimension for regular hyperbolic measures for endomorphisms.
update  (internal id: 13/97)

R. Braun, F. Feudel and N. Seehafer
Bifurcations and Chaos in an Array of Forced Vortices
published in   Phys. Rev. E 55, 6979-6984  (1997)
update  (internal id: 12/97)

M. Dellnitz, O. Junge
Almost Invariant Sets in Chuas Circuit.
accepted by   International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos  (1997)
update  (internal id: 11/97)

B. Werner
Discretization of circle maps
accepted by   Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics  (1997)
update  (internal id: 10/97)

K. int Hout, Ch. Lubich
Periodic orbits of delay differential equations under discretization
accepted by   BIT Numerical Mathematics  (1997)
update  (internal id: 9/97)

Ch. Lubich, A. Ostermann
Hopf bifurcation of reaction-diffusion and Navier-Stokes equations under discretization
accepted by   Numerische Mathematik  (1997)
update  (internal id: 8/97)

B. Fiedler, M. Belhaq, M. Houssni
Basins of attraction in strongly damped coupled mechanical oscillators: a global example.
update  (internal id: 7/97)

H.G. Bothe
Strange attractors with topologically simple basins.
accepted by   Topology and its Applications  (1997)
update  (internal id: 6/97)

B. Fiedler, T. Gedeon
A Lyapunov function for tridiagonal competitive-cooperative systems
accepted by   SIAM 3. Math Analysis  (1997)
update  (internal id: 5/97)

B. Fiedler, T. Gedeon
A class of convergent neural network dynamics
accepted by   Physica D.  (1997)
update  (internal id: 4/97)

J. Müller, K.P. Hadeler
Variable infectivity in sexually transmitted diseases
accepted by   SIAM J. Appl. Math.  (1997)
update  (internal id: 3/97)

J. Müller
Optimal Vaccination Patterns in Age Structured Population: Endemic Case
accepted by   Proceedings of the "Conference on Dynamical Systems in Biology and Medicine"  (1997)
update  (internal id: 2/97)

Johannes Müller, K.P. Hadeler
Variable infectivity in sexually transmitted diseases
submitted to   SIAM J. Appl. Math.  (1997)
update  (internal id: 2/97)

O. Schmidtmann, F. Feudel, N. Seehafer
Nonlinear Galerkin Methods for the 3D Magnetohydrodynamic Equations
published in   Int. J. Bif. and Chaos 7, 1493-1507  (1997)
update  (internal id: 1/97)

M. Haragus-Curcelle, D. Sattinger
Inversion of the linearized Korteweg-de Vries equation at the multi-solitons solutions
update  (internal id: 66/96)

M. Dellnitz, O. Junge
Adaptive Box Refinement in Subdevision Techniques for the Approximation of Dynamical Behavior
update  (internal id: 65/96)

V. A. Boichenko, G. A. Leonov, A. Mirle, V. Reitmann
Hausdorff and Fractal Dimension Estimates of Invariant Sets of Non Injective Maps
accepted by   ZAA Leipzig  (1998)
Keywords: Riemannian manifolds, dynamical systems
update  (internal id: 64/96)

B. Sandstede, A. Scheel, C. Wulff
Dynamics of spiral waves on unbounded domains using center-manifold reductions
update  (internal id: 63/96)

M. Dellnitz, O. Junge
On the Approximation of Complicated Dynamical Behavior
preprint    (1996)
Keywords: invariant measure SBR-measure Frobenius-Perron operator cyclic behavior
update  (internal id: 62/96)

M. Stiefenhofer
Singular perturbation with limit points in the fast dynamics
update  (internal id: 61/96)

C-H Chang, D. Mayer
The transfer Operator Approach to Selberg's Zeta Function and Modular and Maass Wave Forms For PSL(2,7)
published in   IMA Proceedings Minneapolis, vol. 109  (1999)
Keywords: Selberg zeta function, transfer operator, automorphic functions and forms, Maass wave forms
update  (internal id: 60/96)

M. Stiefenhofer
Singular perturbation with Hopf points in the fast dynamics
update  (internal id: 59/96)

A. Mielke
Instability and stability of rolls in the Swift-Hohenberg equation
update  (internal id: 58/96)

A.J. Homburg, D. Sands, R. de Vilder
Computing Invariant Sets.
update  (internal id: 57/96)

G. Keller, H. Bruin
Equilibrium States For S-Unimodal Maps.
update  (internal id: 56/96)

B. Fiedler, B. Sandstede, A. Scheel, C. Wulff
Bifurcation From Relative Equilibria of Noncompact Group Actions: Skew Products, Meanders, and Drifts.
preprint   FU Berlin  (1996)
update  (internal id: 55/96)

Ch. Lubich, A. Ostermann
Runge-Kutta Time Discretization of Reaction-Diffusion and Navier-Stokes Equations: Nonsmooth-Data Error Estimates and Applications to Long-Time Behaviour.
update  (internal id: 54/96)

B. Lani-Wayda
Erratic Solutions of a Simple Delay Equation.
update  (internal id: 53/96)

D. Peterhof, B. Sandstede, A. Scheel
Exponential Dichotomies for Solitary-Wave Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations on Infinite Cylinders.
update  (internal id: 52/96)

M. Kunze, T. Küpper, J. You
On the Application of KAM Theory to Discontinuous Dynamical Systems
published in   J. Differential Equations 139, 1-21  (1997)
update  (internal id: 51/96)

W.-J. Beyn, T. Göke
A Note on the Hopf Stability Formula under Nonresonance Conditions.
Keywords: Hopf bifurcation, stability formula, nonresonance condition, numerical algorithm
update  (internal id: 50/96)

J. Batt, M. Kunze, G. Rein
On the Asymptotic Behaviour of a One-Dimensional, Monocharged Plasma and a Rescaling Method.
published in   Advances in Differential Equations 3, 271-292  (1998)
update  (internal id: 49/96)

St.-M. Heinemann
A Note on the Dynamics of Homogeneous Maps.
update  (internal id: 48/96)

M. Dellnitz, A. Hohmann, O. Junge, M. Rumpf
Exploring Invariant Sets and Invariant Measures.
update  (internal id: 47/96)

K.P. Hadeler, P. van der Driessche
Backward Bifurcation in Epidemic Control.
update  (internal id: 46/96)

J. Hettel
Nonlinear Incidence Functions Generate Takens-Bogdanov Singularities.
update  (internal id: 45/96)

J. Müller
A Ginzburg-Landau-Like Approach to Homogeneous Reaction-Diffusion Systems and Applications to Epidemics.
update  (internal id: 44/96)

L. Barreira, Y. Pesin, J. Schmeling
Dimension of Hyperbolic Measures - a Proof of the Eckmann-Ruelle Conjecture.
update  (internal id: 43/96)

A. Komech, H. Spohn, M. Kunze
Long-Time Asymptotics for a Classical Particle Interacting with a Scalar Wave Field.
published in   Comm. Part. Diff. Equ. 22, 307-335  (1997)
update  (internal id: 42/96)

K. Böhmer, C. Geiger, R. Rodriguez
On a Numerical Liapunov-Schmidt Spectral Method Part I: Review of Spectral Methods Continuous Symmetries.
preprint    (1996)
Keywords: Spectral Methods, Higher Singularities, Numerical Liapunov Schmidt, Symmetries
update  (internal id: 41/96)

C. Geiger, R. Rodriguez, G. Dangelmayr
Empirical Eigenfunctions for 0(3)-Equivariant Evolution Equations.
update  (internal id: 40/96)

A.J. Homburg
Piecewise smooth one dimensional maps with nowhere vanishing derivative.
update  (internal id: 39/96)

B. Fiedler, A. Schuppert, M. Efendiev
Thermally stable upscaling of a model exothermic reactor.
update  (internal id: 38/96)

K. Deckelnick
Weak solutions of the curve shortening flow.
update  (internal id: 37/96)

F. Guyard, R. Lauterbach
Forced symmetry breaking perturbations for periodic solutions.
update  (internal id: 36/96)

R.-T. Happe, K. Polthier, M. Rumpf, M. Wierse
Visualizing Data from Time-Dependent Adaptive Simulations.
update  (internal id: 35/96)

R.-T. Happe, M. Rumpf
Characterizing Global Features of Simulation Data by Selected Local Icons.
update  (internal id: 34/96)

C. Geiger, J.D. Rodriquez, G. Dangelmayr
Near-Onset Convection Patterns in the Spherical Benard Problem with 1=2 Critical.
preprint    (1996)
Keywords: convection, Boussinesq-equations, spherical shell, equivariant bifurcations, O(3)-symmetry
update  (internal id: 33/96)

A. Schmidt
Computation of Three Dimensional Dendrites Finite Elements.
published in   J. Comput. Phys. 125, 293-312  (1996)
Keywords: Finite elements, Stefan problem, Phase transitions
update  (internal id: 32/96)

A. Veeser
Mean Curvature Flow of Graphs with a Driving Force.
update  (internal id: 31/96)

H.G. Bothe
Shift Spaces and Attractors in Non Invertible Horse Shoes.
update  (internal id: 30/96)

J. Schmeling
A Dimension Formula for Endomorphisms - the Belykh Family.
update  (internal id: 29/96)

G. Schneider
Hopf-Bifurcation in Spatially Extended Reaction-Diffusion Systems.
update  (internal id: 28/96)

A. Mielke
The Complex-Ginzburg-Landau Equation on Large and Unbounded Domains.
update  (internal id: 27/96)

B. Schoenfisch, K.-P. Hadeler
Dimer Automata and Cellular Automata.
update  (internal id: 26/96)

J. Müller
Optimal Vaccination Patterns in the Age Structured Populations: Endemic Case
accepted by   Proceedings of the 'Conference on Dynamical Systems in Biology and Medicine' and as special issue in 'Mathematical and Computer Modelling'  (1996)
update  (internal id: 25/96)

J. Schmeling
Ergodic and Dimension Theory of Hyperbolic Endomorphisms with Singularities.
update  (internal id: 24/96)

C. Leis
Hopf-Bifurcation in Systems with Spherical Symmetry: Invariant Tori and Connecting Orbits.
preprint   FU Berlin  (1996)
update  (internal id: 23/96)

N. Seehafer, F. Feudel , O. Schmidtmann
Nonlinear Dynamo with ABC Forcing.
update  (internal id: 22/96)

O. Schmidtmann, F. Feudel, N. Seehafer
Determining Modes and Approximate Intertial Manifolds for the Magnetohydrodynamic Equations.
update  (internal id: 21/96)

O. Schmidtmann
Modelling of the Interaction of Lower and Higher Modes in Two-Dimensional MHD Equation.
published in   Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods and Applications 26, 41-54  (1996)
update  (internal id: 20/96)

P. Deuflhard, P. Heroth
Dynamic Dimension Reduction in ODE Models.
update  (internal id: 19/96)

K. Böhmer, Goevaerts, Janovsky
Numerical Detection of Symmetry Breaking Bifurcation Points with Nonlinear Degeneracies.
update  (internal id: 18/96)

M. Blank, G. Keller
Stochastic stability versus localization in chaotic dynamical systems.
update  (internal id: 17/96)

G. Dangelmayr, B. Fiedler, K. Kirchgässner, A. Mielke
Dynamics of Nonlinear Waves in Dissipative Systems: Reduction, Bifurcation, and Stability.
update  (internal id: 16/96)

M.A. Efendiev, B.Fiedler, A. Schuppert
Upscaling of Some Exothermic Reactions from Chemical Industry.
accepted by   ICIAM-95. Hamburg. Session 'Chemical Industry'  (1996)
update  (internal id: 15/96)

B. Fiedler, C. Rocha
Orbit Equivalence of Global Attractors of Semilinear Parabolic Differential Equations.
preprint   FU Berlin  (1996)
update  (internal id: 14/96)

B. Fiedler
Do Global Attractors Depend on Boundary Conditions?
submitted to   Doc. Math., Nr. 1, 215-228  (1996)
update  (internal id: 13/96)

H.-P. Kruse, J. Scheurle
On the Bifurcation and Stability of Rigidly Rotating Inviscid Liquid Bridges.
update  (internal id: 12/96)

E. Allgower, K.Böhmer, A. Hoy, V. Janowsky
On a Class of Direct Methods for Solving Singular Nonlinear Equations.
update  (internal id: 11/96)

P. Chossat, M. Krupa, I. Melbourne, A. Scheel
Transverse Bifurcations of Homoclinic Cycles and the Weak-Field Magnetic Dynamo Problem.
accepted by   Physica D.  (1995)
update  (internal id: 10/96)

Z. Mei, A. Schwarzer
Scaling Solution Branches of One-Parameter Bifurcation Problems.
update  (internal id: 09/96)

P. Ashwin, Z. Mei
A Numerical Bifurcation Function for Homoclinic Orbits.
update  (internal id: 08/96)

K. Böhmer, D. Janovska, V. Janovsky
Computer Aided Analysis of Imperfect Bifurcation Diagram.
update  (internal id: 07/96)

W. Kleß, W.-J. Beyn
Numerical Taylor Expansions of Invariant Manifolds in Large Dynamical Systems.
published in   Numerische Mathematik, vol. 80, (1998), no. 1, p. 1--38  (1996)
Keywords: Invariant manifolds, numerical methods, higher order approximation, large dynamical systems
update  (internal id: 06/96)

Y.-K. Zou, W.-J. Beyn
Discretizations of Dynamical Systems with a Saddle-Node Homoclinic Orbit.
published in   Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Volume 2, Number 3  (1996)
Keywords: Homoclinic orbits, saddle-node, one-step methods, discrete homoclinic orbits
update  (internal id: 05/96)

C. Bandt, A. Seib
Random Walks Interacting with the Environment.
update  (internal id: 04/96)

C. Bandt, F. Kriese
Edge Processes - A Simple and General Version of Interacting Particle Systems.
Keywords: edge:particle:systems
update  (internal id: 03/96)

C. Bandt
Random Self-Similarity I. Scale-Invariance of Random Sets.
Keywords: sets:invariance:stochastic
update  (internal id: 02/96)

A. Mielke
Analysis of Sideband Instabilities with Application to Rayleigh-Bénard Convection.
Keywords: homoclin:convergence:approximation:numeric
update  (internal id: 34/95)

M. Kunze, B. Michaeli
On the Rigorous Applicability of Osedelets' Ergodic Theorem to Obtain Lyapunov Exponents for Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems
to appear in   Proc. Conference Differential Equations, Marrakesh  (1995)
update  (internal id: 33/95)

L. Grüne
Discrete Feedback Stabilization of Semilinear Control Systems.
published in   ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations, 1, 207-224  (1996)
update  (internal id: 32/95)

L. Grüne
An Adaptive Grid Scheme for the Discrete Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation.
published in   Numerische Mathematik, 75, 319-337  (1997)
update  (internal id: 31/95)

N.D. Cong, V.I. Oseledets
Topological Invariants of Linear Cocycles of an Ergodic Map.
update  (internal id: 30/95)

St.-M. Heinemann
Jordan Tori as Julia Sets in C^2.
update  (internal id: 29/95)

M. Haragus, K. Kirchgässner
Breaking the Dimension of Solitary Waves.
update  (internal id: 28/95)

A.J. Homburg
Heteroclinic Bifurcations of Omega-Stable Vector Fields on 3-Manifolds.
update  (internal id: 27/95)

B. Fiedler, D. Turaev
Coalescence of Reversible Homoclinic Orbits Causes Elliptic Resonance.
update  (internal id: 26/95)

A. Mirle
Hausdorff Dimension Estimates for Invariant Sets of k-1-maps.
update  (internal id: 25/95)

M. Kunze, T. Küpper
Qualitative Bifurcation Analysis of a Non-Smooth Friction-Oscillator Model
published in   Zeitschr. Angew. Math. Phys. (ZAMP) 48, 87-101  (1997)
update  (internal id: 24/95)

H.-O. Walther
Stable Sets of Periodic Solutions of a Delay Differential Equation.
update  (internal id: 23/95)

M. Rumberger, J. Scheurle
Invariant C^j Functions and Center Manifold Reduction.
update  (internal id: 22/95)

G. Keller
A Note on Strange Nonchaotic Attractors.
update  (internal id: 21/95)

M. Haragus
Model Equations for Water Waves in the Presence of Surface Tensions.
update  (internal id: 20/95)

M. Haragus, K. Kirchgässner
Breaking the Dimension of a Steady Wave: Some Examples.
update  (internal id: 19/95)

H. Bruin, G. Keller, M. St. Pierre
Adding Machines and Wild Attractors.
update  (internal id: 18/95)

G. Friesecke, J.B. McLeod
Dynamic Stability of Nonminimizing Phase Mixtures.
update  (internal id: 17/95)

G. Friesecke, G. Dolzmann
Implicit Time Discretization and Global Existence for a Quasi-Linear Evolution Equation with Nonconvex Energy.
update  (internal id: 16/95)

M. Dellnitz, A. Hohmann
The Computation of Unstable Manifolds using Subdivision and Continuation.
update  (internal id: 15/95)

St.-M. Heinemann
Julia sets for holomorphic endomorphisms of C^n.
update  (internal id: 14/95)

A. Noack
Hausdorff Dimension Estimates for Time-Discrete Feedback Control Systems.
update  (internal id: 13/95)

F. Colonius, G. Haeckl, W. Kliemann
Dynamic Reliability of Nonlinear Systems under Random Excitation.
update  (internal id: 12/95)

H.-G. Bothe
How 1-Dimensional Hyperbolic Attractors Determine their Basins.
update  (internal id: 11/95)

A. Noack, V. Reitmann
Hausdorff Dimension of Invariant Sets of Time-Depending Vector Fields.
update  (internal id: 10/95)

V. Reitmann, J. Lembcke
Compound Matrices and Hausdorff Dimension Estimates.
update  (internal id: 09/95)

M. Mielke, G. Schneider
Attractors for Modulation Equations on Unbounded Domains of Existence and Comparison.
update  (internal id: 08/95)

N. Koksch
Existence of Overflowing Invariant Manifolds.
update  (internal id: 07/95)

P. Ashton, M. Dellnitz
Symmetry Breaking Bifurcations of Chaotic Attractors.
update  (internal id: 06/95)

M. Dellnitz, I. Melbourne
A Note on Shadowing Lemma and Symmetric Periodic Points.
update  (internal id: 05/95)

M. Dellnitz, M. Golubitsky, A. Hohmann, I. Stewart
Spirals in Scalar Reaction- Diffusion Equations.
update  (internal id: 04/95)

M. Dellnitz, C. Heinrich
Admissible Symmetry Increasing Bifurcations.
update  (internal id: 03/95)

M. Dellnitz, A. Hohmann
A Subdivision Algorithm for the Computation of Unstable Manifolds and Global Attractors.
update  (internal id: 02/95)

E. Behrends, B. Fiedler
Periods of Discretized Linear Anosov Maps.
update  (internal id: 01/95)