Nonlinear Dynamics at the Free University Berlin

Winter semester 2016/17

Seminar: Blow-up in differential equations

Prof. Dr. Bernold Fiedler, Hannes Stuke

Schedule, Winter 2016/17

The seminar will take place from 08.10.2016 - 13.10.2016 in the Sächsische Schweiz


In this seminar we want to address the phenomenon of blow-up in ordinary differential and partial differential equations. Blow-up means, that solutions become unbounded in finite time, which leads to many interesting questions, e.g.

  • What is the mathematical framework to define “blow-up”?
  • Are there different types? Can we categorize them?
  • How does the blow-up look like? Can we quantify it?
  • Can we continue solutions after blow-up?

The discussion of the topics will take place on 19.07.2016 at 12.15 in seminar room 140.


Blow-up of quadratic systems

  • Existence of blow-up
  • Asymptotic behaviour
  • References: [1]

Blow-up criteria and blow-up rate estimates

  • Concavity method to prove existence of blow-up
  • Upper bound on blow-up rate
  • References: [2], [3]

Blow-up in rescaled variables

  • Self-similar variables
  • Stationary solutions of rescaled flow
  • Convergence to stationary solutions
  • References: [2], [3], [4]

Blow-up from dynamical systems point of view

  • Problem formulation
  • Linearization and higher order asymptotics
  • References: [5], [6], [7]

Description of the blow-up profile

  • Description of blow-up profile for a single point
  • References: [3]

Zero numbers and blow-up profile

  • Zero numbers
  • Construction of blow-up profile with n - blow-up points
  • References: [2], [8]

Complete blow-up

  • Definition of complete blow-up
  • Existence of complete blow-up
  • Existence of non-complete blow-up
  • References: [2], [3]


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