Nonlinear Dynamics at the Free University Berlin

Research Group

These are the homepages of the members of our research group.

Research Director

Prof. Dr. Bernold Fiedler


Patricia Habasescu M.A.


Dr. Isabelle Schneider
Alejandro López Nieto

Research Group


Dr. Isabelle Schneider
Dr. Nicola Vassena

Adjunct Postdoc

Dr. Yuya Tokuta

Doctoral Students

Alejandro López Nieto

Student Assistants

Hauke Sprink

Research Assistants


Dr. Claudia Wulff

Former Members

Babette de Wolff
Ignacio González
Adem Güngör
Prof. Dr. Abderrahim Azouani
PD Dr. Stefan Liebscher
PD Dr. Martin Väth
Dr. Hannes Stuke
Dr. Jia-Yuan Dai
Dr. Nikita Begun
Dr. Nitsan Ben-Gal
M. A. Ulrike Geiger
Matthias Bosewitz
Bernhard Brehm
Dr. Johannes Buchner
PD Dr. Messoud Efendiev
Dr. Vassili Gelfreich
Dr. Marc Georgi
Prof. Dr. Ale Jan Homburg
Dr. Jörg Härterich
Dr. Juliette Hell
Dr. Astrid Huber
Dr. Nihar Jangle
Dr. Anna Karnauhova
Dr. Faouzi Lakrad
Dr. Phillipo Lappicy
Dr. Christian Leis
Máté Maródi
Dr. Karsten Matthies
Dr. Alexey Osipov
Prof. Dr. Jens Rademacher
Dr. Eyal Ron
Prof. Dr. Björn Sandstede
Prof. Dr. Arnd Scheel
Prof. Dr. Sergey Tikhomirov
Dr. Matthias Wolfrum
Dr. Claudia Wulff

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