Nonlinear Dynamics at the Free University Berlin

DFG Collaborative Research Center 910 on
Control of self-organizing nonlinear systems

Special measures project

Delayed feedback: noninvasive and global control

Research director
Dr. Isabelle Schneider
Alejandro López
David Hering (TU Berlin)


We investigate two complementary approaches to delayed feedback control: Noninvasive control and global control. On the one hand, we study noninvasive control as inspired by Pyragas, but going far beyond the scope of his original control scheme. In particular, we will address control schemes which include symmetries of the system and new state-dependent control schemes. On the other hand, we introduce the ambitious new concept of global control, which targets the global nonlinear dynamics, rather than just local linear in-/stability. Both settings aim at novel and broadly applicable principles of delayed feedback control.

Preprints and Publications

B. Fiedler, I. Schneider
Stabilized rapid oscillations in a delay equation: Feedback control by a small resonant delay.
accepted (2017).
(pdf, 2.310 kB)
Alejandro López Nieto
Heteroclinic connections in delay equations
Master Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin, 2017.
A. Röhm, K. Lüdge, I. Schneider
Bistability in Simple Symmetrically Coupled Oscillators with Symmetry-broken Amplitude-and Phase-Locking
submitted (2017).
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