Nonlinear Dynamics at the Free University Berlin

Wintersemester 2006/07

Oberseminar Nonlinear Dynamics



Oct 31st 2006 Marc Georgi
Free University Berlin
Interaction of homoclinic solutions and Hopf bifurcations in Forward-backward delay equations
Nov 7th 2006 Dr. Michel Nizette
Free University, Bruxelles
The Q-switching instability in passively mode-locked lasers
Nov 14th 2006 Dr. Robert Szalai
University Bristol
Dynamics of milling processes
Nov. 21th 2006

Dr. Fatihcan Atay
MPI Leipzig
Asymptotic regimes
Nov. 28th 2006 Prof. Jan Andres
Olomouc University
Sharkovskii's theorem, differential equations and beyond
Dec 5th 2006 Sofia Maczynska
RWTH Aachen
Rigorous numerics for heteroclinic connections
Dec 12th 2006 Dr. Jan Sieber
University of Aberdeen
Bifurcation tracking with feedback control
Dec 19th 2006 Dr. Alexander Dressel
University Stuttgart
Center manifold reduction for a class of singular ODEs
Jan 9th 2007 PD Dr. Martin Vaeth
FU Berlin
Bifurcation of reaction-diffusion systems with inclusions in the stable domain
Jan 16th 2007 Dr. Stefan Liebscher
Brown University, Providence
Bifurcation without parameters in PDE
Achtung ! Der Vortrag findet
ausnahmsweise an der FU statt !!

Time and Place

Talks usually take place on Tuesday at 3:15 p.m.
at the Weierstraß Institute
Ehrhard-Schmid-Hörsaal, Mohrenstr.39, 10117 Berlin.

Tea and coffee will be served at 2:45 p.m. on the ground floor.
Guests are always welcome !


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