Ergodic Theory, Analysis, and Efficient Simulation of Dynamical Systems

Bernold Fiedler (editor)

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Project Ludwig Arnold and Wolfgang Krieger
Gunther Ochs: Random attractors: robustness, numerics and chaotic dynamics (gziped postscript, 6 MB)

Project Christoph Bandt
Christoph Bandt: Self-similar measures (gziped postscript, 250 kB)

Project Wolf-Jürgen Beyn
Wolf-Jürgen Beyn, Winfried Kleß, and Vera Thümmler: Continuation of low-dimensional invariant subspaces in dynamical systems of large dimension (gziped postscript, 160 kB)

Project Hans-Günter Bothe
Jörg Schmeling: Dimension theory of smooth dynamical systems (gziped postscript, 90 kB)

Project Klaus Böhmer
Klaus Böhmer: On hybrid methods for bifurcation and center manifolds for general operators (gziped postscript, 170 kB)

Project Fritz Colonius
Fritz Colonius and Wolfgang Kliemann: Collision of control sets (gziped postscript, 300 kB)

Project Michael Dellnitz
Michael Dellnitz, Gary Froyland, and Oliver Junge: The algorithms behind GAIO - Set oriented numerical methods for dynamical systems (gziped postscript, 3 MB)

Project Manfred Denker
Manfred Denker and Stefan-M. Heinemann: Polynomial skew products (gziped postscript, 10 MB)

Project Peter Deuflhard
Ch. Schütte, W.Huisinga, and P. Deuflhard: Transfer operator approach to conformational dynamics in biomolecular systems (gziped postscript, 200 kB)

Project Gerhard Dziuk
Michael Fried and Andreas Veeser: Simulation and numerical analysis of dendritic growth (gziped postscript, 7 MB)

Project Fred Feudel, Jürgen Kurths, and Norbert Seehafer
F. Feudel, S. Rüdiger, N. Seehafer: Bifurcation phenomena and dynamo effect in electrically conducting fluids (gziped postscript, 540 kB)

Project Bernold Fiedler
Ale Jan Homburg: Cascades of homoclinic doubling bifurcations (gziped postscript, 130 kB)

Project Heinrich Freistühler and Dietmar Kröner
Heinrich Freistühler, Christian Fries, and Christian Rohde: Existence, bifurcation, and stability of profiles for classical and non-classical shock waves (gziped postscript, 1.4 MB)

Project Karl Peter Hadeler
K.P. Hadeler and Johannes Müller: Dynamical systems of population dynamics (gziped postscript, 90 kB)

Project Gerhard Keller
Gerhard Keller and Matthias St.Pierre: Topological and measurable dynamics of Lorenz maps (gziped postscript, 520 kB)

Project Klaus Kirchgässner
Mariana Haragus-Courcelle and Klaus Kirchgässner: Three-dimensional steady capillary-gravity waves (gziped postscript, 410 kB)

Project Peter Kloeden
L. Grüne and P.E. Kloeden: Discretization, inflation and perturbation of attractors (gziped postscript, 110 kB)

Project Dietmar Kröner and Martin Rumpf
J. Becker, D. Bürkle, R.-T. Happe, T. Preußer, M. Rumpf, M. Spielberg, R. Strzodka: Aspects on data analysis and visualization for complex dynamical systems (gziped postscript, 8 MB)

Project Tassilo Küpper and Markus Kunze
Tassilo Küpper and Markus Kunze: Non-smooth dynamical systems: an overview (gziped postscript, 100 kB)

Project Reiner Lauterbach
Frédéric Guyard and Reiner Lauterbach: Forced symmetry breaking and relative periodic orbits (gziped postscript, 130 kB)

Project Christian Lubich
Christian Lubich: On dynamics and bifurcations of nonlinear evolution equations under numerical discretization (gziped postscript, 100 kB)

Project Stephan Luckhaus and Stefan Müller
Felix Otto: Evolution of microstructure: an example (gziped postscript, 100 kB)

Project Dieter Mayer
Cheng-Hung Chang and Dieter Mayer: An extension of the thermodynamic formalism approach to Selberg's zeta function for general modular groups (gziped postscript, 150 kB)

Project Alexander Mielke and Guido Schneider
Alexander Mielke, Guido Schneider, and Hannes Uecker: Stability and diffusive dynamics on extended domains (gziped postscript, 80 kB)

Project Volker Reitmann
Volker Reitmann: Dimension estimates for invariant sets of dynamical systems (gziped postscript, 130 kB)

Project Dietmar Saupe
Hannes Hartenstein, Matthias Ruhl, Dietmar Saupe, and Edward R. Vrscay: On the inverse problem of fractal compression (gziped postscript, 570 kB)

Project Jürgen Scheurle
Matthias Rumberger and Jürgen Scheurle: The orbit space method: theory and application (gziped postscript, 180 kB)

Project Klaus R. Schneider
D.V. Turaev: Multi-pulse homoclinic loops in systems with a smooth first integral (gziped postscript, 195 kB)

Project Frank Steiner
A. Bäcker and F. Steiner: Quantum chaos and quantum ergodicity (gziped postscript, 3.1 MB)

Project Hans-Otto Walther
Matthias Büger: Periodic orbits and attractors for autonomous reaction-diffusion systems (gziped postscript, 130 kB)

Project Gerald Warnecke
Christiane Helzel and Gerald Warnecke: Unconditionally stable explicit schemes for the approximation of conservation laws (gziped postscript, 650 kB)    Sep 18 2000